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Almond Stretching Studio

Flexibility training at the highest intensity

Tel Aviv          Dizengoff 140    


Our training


Back stretch training

In the class we will perform stretches for the spine, recommended for anyone who wants toIncrease the range of motion of the back and shoulders, correct posture, prevent injuries and improve fitness training


Foot training

 In the class we will perform stretching for all types of muscles related to front splits and back splits, it is recommended for anyone who wants to increase the range of motion of the leg muscles. At the end of the lesson we will make the splits.


Wednesday - Leg training / back training alternates every week

In order to improve the legs - it is necessary to improve the back as well, so it is advisable to come to both types of training
More classes will be opened later

Iyengar Yoga


Childs Pose

A card of 4 lessons, valid for one month - NIS 180


Single lesson - NIS 50

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose

Trial traning - NIS 25


Dizengoff 140 St.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dizengoff 140

Tel Aviv

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